Coco & Lilly are going to write about something that we all have that is a fashion budge.

Let me go into more detail of what to what a fashion budge is?

It is when you have a party, wedding, business meeting, catching up with your girlfriends for a girls night out. 

What is the first thing we need to do? Go shopping of course for a amazing outfit, you are going to need a new dress or suit, then we start to think i am going to need new shoes to go with that amazing outfit that you just brought.

Oh wait i am going to need a new bag as well, our list just keeps getting longer and longer so what do we do?

We set ourselves a fashion budge it could be anything from $50.00 up until what every the individual can afford everyone's budge is different.

We all have thing in common we all want to look amazing (still on a budget).

We all had that amazing experience when you find the most amazing outfit and we come under budge it feels like we have just won lottery.