Valentine's day is coming so don't forget to buy a dress from Coco & Lilly, we have some very sexy dresses to make him fall in love with all over again.

It's the only time when fine for Cupid to cast his arrow and see where it lands, fingers crossed that you find love, i remember a time when Cupid did it twice for me, let me go into more details for you.

There was a guy named Mick who like me and would come over bring me gifts.

I went out for a girl night out and meet a very sexy different guy named Mick as well (haha) is Cupid aloud to do that?

It's was Valentine's day Mick (the new guy) he had come to bring me a Valentine's gifts, we were sitting in the lounge room together when there was a knock on the door.

Guess who walked in? It was Mick, so i had two Mick sitting in my lounge room together but the funny part was when I introduce them to each other i said "Mick meet Mick".

I forgot to tell the old Mick about the new Mick naughty Cupid for setting me up with two men.